What is Somediafy?

Somediafy is a market research firm specializing in social media analytics and monitoring.
Somediafy also offers other full-service advertising agency and marketing firm capabilities including graphic design, audio and videography services.

How can Somediafy help your organization?

Somediafy is your extra set of eyes and ears.
Somediafy provides actionable insights around your brand, company or industry
in a timely manner into what's happening on social media channels and online media.

Why choose Somediafy?

Data matters! Somediafy provides data to help your organization make better decisions.

Areas of Expertise

      o Blogging
      o Branding
      o Business Consulting
      o Customer Service
      o Data Analysis
      o Google Adwords
      o Google Analytics
      o Graphic design
      o Forecasting
      o Influencer Analysis
      o Inventory Management
      o Market Research
      o Online Marketing
      o PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising
      o Predictive analytics
      o SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
      o SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
      o Social Listening and Social Monitoring
      o Social Media Marketing
      o Videography

Research Methodologies

      o Online market research
      o Primary and Secondary research
      o Qualitative data (e.g., focus groups)
      o Quantitative (e.g., survey/questionnaire) metrics
      o Social media research analysis (e.g., social listening and/or monitoring)
      o Structural Equation Modeling

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